Alexander Jansons Foundation

Not an X Factor judge, but the next best thing

  I have always dream’t of being a judge on a voting panel and now my wish has come true. On 6th June Andy Jansons and I will be at Stoke Park judging the “Alexander Jansons Young Peoples Award”. This award will be given to an individual between 18 and 25 whose contribution to the community deserves recognition. It will be interesting to view these young peoples ideas and if Andy and I will agr
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Stevie Johnson brings a bit of Chelsea to Beaconsfield

Our 1st fundraising event and we raised in excess of £3700 – not bad for a 1st attempt. The ingredients for this evening were: A dollop of DJs A pinch of percussion A simmering photobooth And finally a full covering of Stevie Johnson All added together and blended into the perfect mix which resulted in this fun night as reflected in our pictures: Our video of the night will be ready next week and will be posted on ou
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The Journey Continues

So this second blog has some exciting news to share. Our 1st Official Fundraising night is getting closer and we are definitely ready. Or are we?   So far this is happening: The flyers are printed The 2 x DJs are in place The VIP areas have been sold The Photobooth is getting an overhaul The bar staff will be wearing their “Alexander Jansons Foundation T Shirts” The VIP guests have confirmed their appearance on
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The Journey So Far

Since the Foundation started in November 2013 the learning curve has been steep from: a) Setting up the website to z) Organising our 1st fundraiser – a Rave at Revs and all the bits in-between. What I had not accounted for was all the people who independently want to be involved in our Fundraising Journey from the Sussex Girls who did a ½ marathon to the group organising a quiz night in the local pub to the you
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